Committed to Community 

Muy’Ono Resorts take pride in offering responsible eco-tourism options. We implement innovative sustainability initiatives and build resorts with environmentally-conscious energy sources.

Most of the hotel’s furniture and interior was designed using local and reclaimed materials.

Rainwater tanks, solar farms,



We are committed to water conservation and actively engage guests to participate. Our resorts collect rainwater, utilize desalinization, and other methods to conserve this precious resource.



Belize farms 90% organic produce. We source ingredients locally and even grow much of our food from our own farms. Our meats are farm-raised locally, without added hormones.



We utilize solar and wind power to generate renewable energy for our resorts.



We’re decreasing our carbon footprint by phasing out Styrofoam and plastic and introducing bio-degradable or reusable solutions. Guests are also given reusable water bottles to use during and after their stay.

Community Commitment
All Muy'Ono Resorts embrace Muy'Ono’s spirit of giving back to the community through the “Community Commitment” program, pledging to make donations to local causes with every booking. This community effort offers guests a no-obligation option to match the donation already made on their behalf, allowing guests to donate any amount they choose in support of the local community programs that are initiated by the hotel or resort.